Company Profile:

Liberty Business Associates – a private company offering a wide-range of multi-disciplinary trading and marketing services is aimed at and fully geared to achieve a sustainable break-through in business world. Our prime goal is fulfillment of the customers’ demand and consumers’ desire for industrial users as well as individuals.

Liberty Business Associates is deeply committed to participate actively in Bangladesh Government’s forward-looking trade and investment policies and development programs supporting open market free enterprise in close collaboration hand in hand with international trading and business partners. The company’s services are dedicated to the cause of the country’s overall economic development.

To fulfill our missions and objectives Liberty Business Associates is currently involved in exporting, importing, general trading and as manufacturers representative, distributor, sole agents including indenting and trading of diversified products and services.

The company’s motto is to undertake and execute joint-venture, joint investment, business contracts for works involving procurement , supply and use of machinery and raw materials for industrial production as well as dealing in consumer goods, sale of various merchandises for whole-sealers and end-users in and outside of Bangladesh.

Placing emphasis on generating a self-reliant economy for Bangladesh Liberty Business Associates has initiated a new edge of business activities bridging a two-way traffic between the manufacturer and the ultimate consumer in the present competitive world market. Simultaneously, Liberty Business Associates also considers working on national consumers’ interest and infrastructural development areas such as industrial raw materials, textiles, dyes and chemicals, energy, food, agro-based and agro-processing industries, consumer products, dairy, fish & poultry, medical, Pharmaceuticals & toiletry items, and such other products of consumer demands.

The Business:

The registered office of the company is in Bangladesh located at the heart of the country’s capital, Dhaka with a unique blend of marketing and distribution set-up in the most important cities throughout the country. The company with its highly qualified and experienced professionals in business management has been catering to the needs of its various customers and business target groups in and out-side Bangladesh. The company also offers legal and advisory services and business aide facilities to the prospective clients.

Technology usage:  We use the latest software and technology for prompt communication and decision like Internet, e-mail, Fax, phone.

The Management
The CEO:

Md. Nazrul Islam who combines in himself varied qualification and long time experience. Having a wealth of  extensive professional experience in the area of international trade, investment, export promotion, tariff rationalization, tourism development and marketing makes him worthy,

Md. Nazrul Islam served 15 yrs in the same department of different pharmaceutical manufacturer and marketing company.

Company – Basic Information

  Name of the Company : Liberty Business Associates.
  Address : Liberty Business Associates
Syed Grand Centre,
Level-6, Suite-603,
Plot-89, Road-28, Sector-7,
Uttara, Dhaka 1230,
  Phone: : +88-02-8924362, 06662687334
  Fax : +88-02-8924362,
  Email :
  MSN :
  Type of Company : Ownership
  Number of employees : 11
  Management : 4
  Research & Marketing : 5
  Nature of business> : Import, indenting for Pharmaceutical/Food/Beverage & trading  marketing &  distribution of industrial and consumer goods
  Banker : Uttara Bank Ltd., Shantinagar Branch, Dhaka

Bangladesh at a Glance

  The Country   : The People's Republic of Bangladesh
  From of Government : Parliamentary Democracy
  Location : In South-Asia between 20.34 & 26.38 North Latitude and between 88.01 and 42.41
  Boundaries : India , East : Myanmar & India , South Bay of Bangle
  Area : 1,47,570 q .km
  Population : 162.2 million
  Capital : Dhaka
  Standard Time : GMT + 6 Hours
Climate : Sub-Tropical Monsoon
  Humidity : 36%-99%
  Temperature  : Winter( min 09.C –max 28.C
  Language : Bangla , English
  Currency : US$1= Tk 69.00
  Density of Population : 900 per sq Km
  Population Growth Rate : 2.17%
  Male-Female ratio : 51.45 : 48.55
  Urban-Rural pop-ratio : 22.32 : 77.68
  Agriculture : Rice, Wheat, Jute Tea Sugarcane Potatoes tobacco Pulse oilseed Fruit Vegetable Milk Poultry

Production and Foreign Trade

  Main Crops : Rice, Wheat, Jute,
  Principal Industries    : Pharmaceuticals Garments textiles Chemicals Fertilizer fish & Sugar
  Export Commodities : Pharmaceuticals Finish Products, Garments, Raw jute & jute goods, Tea Leather Frozen-Fish, Furnace Oil, Urea Ceramics
  Import Commodities : Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials, Machinery & Equipment, Chemicals Iron & steel, Crude Petroleum, Yarn, Clinker
  Transport & Communication : Sea Port: Chittagong & Mongla
River: Narayanganji Barisal
Land Port: Benapole Tamabil Burimari